New way to build a Chat with QuickBlox

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Hi everybody!

During last year we were receiving phenomenal feedback about QuickBlox Chat module and we can say now that Chat is a module №1!
Everybody needs a Chat, everybody wants to integrate chat into their applications, everybody would like to build own WhatsApp.

And this is a key signal for us to make it easier to integrate. During last 6 months we were working on the new Chat module which we call Chat 2.0. We had processed all users’ feedback and developed new Chat module which works out of the box and provides all the features users need. We developed new APIs, new features, so now users can use them out of the box, don’t need to do additional job.

Main Chat 2.0 features:

  • State-of-the-art Communication platform – build WhatsApp/Vyber/Skype apps out of the box
  • Real Time Chat via TLS protocol for mobile and WebSockets (new!) for Web
  • Server-side Chat History available via REST API and Admin panel
  • Improved server-side logic for push alerts (chat and call notifications, badge counters for offline users)
  • Smart Push Notification templates (merge tags) for automated business logic driven push alerts
  • Chat State Notifications and Message Delivery Receipts
  • Seamless cross device Chat history sync via message carbons

How to start?


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