New video calling WebRTC code samples

Posted on by Igor Khomenko

Hi everybody,

we are happy to announce new video calling WebRTC code samples for iOS, Android and Javascript!

We have changed the way how users enter video chat, so now there is no predefined list of users, you just need to enter room name and all users within the same room name will be connected. Easy!

new video chat code samples

You can download and check new samples here:


Also, new SDKs were released along with new samples:


Android SDK 2.6.1

WebRTC calls functionality:

  • Improved WebRTC calls performance and simplified interface.
  • added calling all callbacks on UI main thread.
  • added features – settings fps, changing frame resolution during call, switching between hardware/software AEC, ability to disable audio processing: AEC, noise suppression etc, ability to enable/disable using OpenSL ES for audio playback.
  • added QBRTCSurfaceView to render video frames with ability to use and overlapping multiple views on a screen layout.
  • small bug fixes.

Chat functionality:

  • Added ability to enable/disable TLS mechanism in chat via QBChatService.ConfigurationBuilder.
  • Added ability to set custom SSL context in chat via QBChatService.ConfigurationBuilder.

Content functionality:

  • Fixed SignatureDoesNotMatch exception while uploading file
  • Adopt file upload method to work with different files storages.


  • Reworked building sdk modules and setup sdk dependencies to your project via gradle.

Download it here:


Javascript SDK 2.2.1


  • QB.webrtc.getMediaDevices return all devices (video/audio inputs);
  • Added a parameter to listener onCallStatsReport (session, userId, stats, error);
  • Set statsReportTimeInterval is false by default;
  • Added a new type of login to WebRTC sample.


  • Changed the source folder name from ‘js’ to ‘src';
  • Changed bootstrap version (4.0.0);

Download it here:

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