Mobile Backend-as-a-Service MindMap 2012

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Mobile Backend as a Service, (MBaaS) could be easily described as the merge between App Development and Cloud Computing; moreover, a technology which enables Mobile Developers to reduce effort, cost and time to market for their Apps using backend services and features on the Cloud. In this growing environment there are a lot of options and flavours, according to the needs of the developers. Some of them provide tools, SDKs, APIs, Cross Platform Code Generation, Social Media integration, Advertisement and Monetizing. In other words, these platforms are a powerful tool and resource for mobile developers.

To understand this trend and environment, Kinvey has been doing a great effort with the Mobile Cloud Backend as a Service Ecosystem Map, since Febraury 2012, which tracks the activities in the ecosystem, such as partnerships, merging, acquisitions, a roadmap of the BaaS Environment. Consequently many BaaS vendors (like QuickBlox, Kii and many others) asked them to be in the Map, however we need to be patient to be included, due to the growth of the industry (BaaS) and the research required to devise the partnerships, acquisition, ownership and investment.

The Ecosystem Map provides information about the industry trends of Backend Services, furthermore, it is also important analyze which companies are on the MBaaS industry and review their products and services. As a result, QuickBlox is building a mind map which focuses on the MBaaS offering, such as platforms (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, JS, HTML5), products or modules (Data, Users, Location support) and features of the tools provided. Here is to link to browse the map


The purpose is to create an interactive way to browse and visualize the MBaaS features; which it would be really useful for vendors and developers. If you have any feedback or suggestion, just let me know.

Happy New Year 2013! 

Supporters and sources:

•    All the QuickBlox team, and the research initiative from Nate and Taras

•    Backend as a Service Ecosystem Map, really interesting effort from the Kinvey Team

•    BaaS Branch discussion created by Alexander Ainslie

•    Mobile Backend as a Service Roundup and the Future of Web APIs by Kin Lane

•    50 Backend APIs: CloudMine, Mydigitalstructure and QuickBlox by Wendell Santos