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Make a Virtual Room Application with Q-Consultation

Hamza Mousa
4 Dec 2020
Make a Virtual Room Application with Q-Consultation

Virtual room applications are on the rise, especially in the age of Covid-19. VR application software has proven to solve a new set of challenges that a variety of use cases for businesses, organizations, and major corporations now face around the world.

This article will take you on a tour of virtual room applications and show you how to create them with Q-Consultation.

What are Virtual Rooms?

Virtual room applications are simply a digital version of any meeting room in real life. It is a video/audio supplied communication application that enables participants to communicate together.

Company HR personnel can use VR apps for recruitment purposes. Instead of inviting candidates to show up in the company’s office, HR recruiters can conduct the interview virtually. VR apps can be used in many other use cases, such as a remote testing room for students in educational institutions, a doctor-patient communication application where doctors can virtually communicate with patients rather than requiring them to attend hospitals in person, and so on.

The difference between an ordinary messaging/communication application and a virtual-room application is that in the latter, owners/interviewers are expected to stay in the room while more users can come in, chat for a while, and then leave. Contrast the ease of using VR apps with applications like Skype where you would have to do so much more work to add people, interview them, save information about them, and then invite a new group of people all over again.

Moreover, virtual room applications have been designed with extra features that are important and specific to the nature of the meeting/interview involved, such as information and document saving, file-sharing, SMS registration, and much more.

Why are Virtual Rooms Important in Covid-19 Era?

The value and relevance of virtual rooms have been heightened in the era of Covid-19 due to the need for social distance. Global lockdowns have prevented people from engaging in direct communication and had a dramatic impact on disrupting the operations of businesses and organizations.

But virtual room applications can remedy some of this disruption, as they enable different participants to still communicate online thanks to the tools they provide. A virtual room is nothing more than a queue of people waiting for their specified time until the stakeholder can interview them and record information about them. Hence, everyone can stay safe in their own home while still conducting the meetings they need to do.

Create Virtual Rooms with Q-Consultation

Q-Consultation from QuickBlox is one of the easiest solutions out there to create virtual rooms applications for your company or organization. Q-Consultation is a white-label solution that works on a variety of platforms. There is a VR application for android, iOS, and Web to enable different stakeholders to conduct high-quality video/audio/chat messaging with extra needed capabilities in no time.

Customers wishing to use it can purchase a client license according to the platform they plan to use, and then, the backend (QuickBlox) can be deployed either on a public cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc) or on-premise, according to the customer’s needs. The application is built on top of the QuickBlox Communication-as-a-Service (CPaaS) backend, ensuring high-quality services and support when needed.

The user interface of the application looks like the following:

Q-consultation dashboard

There are three types of users:

  • Interviewer: The person who will wait in the room until the line of waiting users is finished and all of them are interviewed. This can be the doctor or the HR recruiter or any person with similar roles.
  • Moderator: An administrator or receptionist to manage the different queues of waiting users, record information, and take further actions when needed.
  • Coming in/Coming Out Users: The ordinary user of the use case (patient, job candidate, student, customer, etc).

Each one of these roles gets its own user interface and features, but the overall system is the same. There is a chat window that supports file-sharing and video/audio communications, as well as additional features for interviewers and moderators that allow them to input data and perform further actions.

Either an interviewer or moderator can invite a user to a meeting by sending an SMS code to their mobile phone. Once they enter the code, the user will join a queue in the virtual waiting room until the interviewer is ready for them. The interviewer can conduct the interview with chat/audio/video, and both the interviewer and moderator can take notes about the person being interviewed.

Everything is recorded and used in the system itself and no 3rd-party tools are needed.

You can check this detailed review on Medevel.com of Q-Consultation to see what features to expect and how the system works for all parties.

Why use Q-Consultation for Virtual Rooms?

There are lots of ordinary messaging and communication programs out there like Skype and Zoom and others. But using these simple messaging apps comes with problems.

These applications are not designed to serve the needs of virtual rooms, hence it is hard, if not impossible, to invite tens of people in a queue into the rooms you create, record information about all of them using the same platform, and then access that information later when needed.

Also using general-case applications to conduct meetings raises serious problems around privacy and security. Neither your data nor your client’s is encrypted or under your control and the companies behind these messaging applications can terminate you at any time.

Q-Consultation is built on the QuickBlox backend, which you can control and even install onto your own public/private cloud, which means added security for your data. Furthermore, Q-Consultation includes significant security features including encryption and GDPR and HIPAA compliance software. This means you can share and store sensitive information with full confidence that it is secure.

Some people may consider developing their own virtual room applications from scratch rather than using a white-label solution like Q-Consultation, but the money, time, and effort needed to do this would be far greater. Q-Consultation is a high-quality communication application powered by a QuickBlox backend and is ready to use now.

One can do the math to fully check and see how building from scratch isn’t a wise option.

How to Get Q-Consultation?

Simply head to the official page of Q-Consultation to see its features and possible use cases. Once you decide to purchase, you can contact the sales team instantly to start the process.

The Q-Consultation team is also capable of implementing additional customizations and add-ons for enterprise users who require more features.


Virtual rooms apps are a flexible practical tool for solving the current difficulties many companies and organizations are facing today in the age of Covid-19. Rather than depending on non-customized messaging apps to do the task or building an app from scratch, Q-Consultation is a great option. Customizable, with an abundance of relevant features, secure and safe, HIPAA and GDPR compliant, and built on a tried and trusted QuickBlox backend, Q-Consultation is a solid choice for a pre-made VR app.

If you have any further questions or comments, you can contact us.

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