Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Hi again friends, wanted to update you with few things regarding our nearest plans.

Literally no time to upload all the new stuff here because of preparation to Geek’n’Rolla but after the event we are going to:

  • upload an extended High Scores example, powered with OpenGL, featuring country flags, fancy scroller, highlighting etc
  • upload a Map+Chat+IM concept example, you’re gonna like it! will allow you to build much more interesting and interactive apps and involve your users into communication over GoogleMap!
  • will announce the Android libraries release date (some time soon, once we finish migration of old services to Ruby)
  • Roll out a new admin panel with improved functionality and nice looking design. It’s ready, but again waiting for all services to migrate to Ruby
  • Announce some more exciting news and modules

And here is how our new admin panel looks like: