Liverpool Football club BB10 app and Facebook API connector library for BlackBerry 10 developers

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

QuickBlox is proud to announce our team has recently finished and pushed to App World the official Liverpool Connect app for BB10 (and BB7 too as a matter of the fact).

This is first EPL app on the platform and it’s a great app but better read some official and unofficial press releases as there is enough said about this already: (non-official, but lively discussion)

As part of development works we also found that there has been a lack of decent Facebook API library for BB10 so we have created one and shared it on GitHub which has also been shared to BlackBerry developers community (thanks to Brian Zubert and his team). All BlackBerry 10 developers please feel free to use the library. It is not tied with QuickBlox Users API so you may use it in any project even if it doesn’t use QuickBlox.


BB10 LFC Fan Finder Map powered by QuickBlox Location API