Launch and server scripts optimization

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

We’re actively preparing for official launch next week. The Quick install website page has been added to assist those developers who want to start using mob1serv services. Also uploading source code examples, libraries, re-vamping the website etc.

Have started the Facebook page of mob1serv and a Twitter account too, please fan / follow and help us spread the word among other iPhone / Android developers so that they can start using our great suite of services and we improve them together and build awesome apps!

Also check our Youtube and Vimeo channels, that’s where all the instruction videos or examples of implementations will be uploaded.

Good news for Android devs — we have started developing the Android libraries and they will be available within weeks.

Also, migrating the server to a new optimized platform which means quicker work and stable performance especially in such cases where it’s important to have zero delay, such as Push Notifications module which has become popular lately and is sending thousands of push notifications every day.

We are excited to think about how many iPhone / Android devs will join us in using mob1serv soon!