Latest iOS SDK updates

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Hi guys,

Happy to inform you, all QuickBlox customers, about latest iOS team updates we made along with Q-municate 2.7 app release:


#QuickBlox framework 2.15

Removed deprecated methods:

  • +[QBSettings setApiEndpoint: chatEndpoint:forServiceZone:]
  • +[QBSettings setServiceZone:]
  • +[QBSettings currentServiceZone]


  • GitHub Issue , Thanks to sin2.
  • Problem with saving Firebase project ID (Session restoration)
  • Overlapping logs between Chat & REST
  • Issue with blob size in completion block
  • Message – Skip retrieve endpoints


  • Umbrella Headers
  • + [QBRequest uploadWithUrl:blobWithWriteAccess:successBlock:statusBlock:errorBlock:] – Public method for uploading file with File URL
  • QBChat property manualInitialPresence – After establishing a session, a client should send initial presence to the server in order to signal its availability for communications. By default NO (Automatically)
  • + [QBRequest cancelAllRequests:] Cancel all running requests


  • Updated inline documentation
  • Added chat errors suggestions


#ChatViewController 0.6

  • Deployment target 9.0
  • iPhone X support
  • Progress View
  • Enabled safe area
  • Bugfixes
  • Fixed memory warning for old devices


#QMServices 0.6.1

  • Deployment target 9.0
  • Bugfixes and performance improvements
  • New CoreData logs


#Quickblox Samples

  • Bugfixes and improvements
  • Deployment target 9.0


You can download new SDK and services on QuickBlox iOS SDK main page

Good luck!