Key trends in 2013: mobile, cloud, mBaaS

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

QuickBlox will become better, easier to use and will roll out more innovative features in the coming year. What are the most important trends of 2013? Here is our take on them.


  • WebRTC and Firefox Marketplace (along with Firefox OS). Very important – watch this space seeing how web is starting to play a bigger role with better browser, OS and mobile integration.


  • For the mobile cloud backends world there is a very good roundup by Miko Matsumura: Series A Crunch Will Wash Out Small MBaaS Mobile Backend-as-a-Service Providers. Lots of useful detail and some forecast. We only want to add that QuickBlox is profitable, powerful as never before, we are better than competition in many aspects (such as API comprehensiveness, Chat features, cross platform coverage), have a great active user base of developers and enterprises using us along with some plans for rolling out new exciting features and opportunities for our users in beginning 2013. So QuickBlox is there to stay. Stay tuned for updates.


  • BlackBerry 10 is a new emerging platform which is going to be released in the end of January 2013. We strongly believe in it and wish RIM good luck with its launch. The market is still unsure and the world will be watching so the more exciting it would be to witness the success of the new smartphone platform. We will continue to support iOS, Android, BlackBerry 5,6,7, Windows Phone and Web developers but BlackBerry 10 gets full support from QuickBlox as well, SDK and code samples are in development right now and you will soon see some great QuickBlox integrations in BB10 apps.
  • Cross-platform and Single Sign On are generally going to be important trends in 2013 where BaaS platforms such as QuickBlox with its Users and Social API will play a key role helping developers and publishers to unite and aggregate their user base across different platforms (smartphones, tablets, web, desktop, feature phones and even things as in Internet of Things where necessary).
  • Augmented Reality – we are definitely going to see some better quality implementations of AR technology in mobile apps as it’s going to pave its way into more serious applications including enterprise. QuickBlox Location API and Augmented Reality code samples such as ChattAR and Wikitude ARchitect will allow developers to build some great Augmented Reality apps. Google Glass and its analogs is something that is going to change the shape of AR and virtual in the nearest future but we need to be realistic that the SDK for developers isn’t going to be available very soon.