Javascript SDK 2.4 with Video Chat (WebRTC) stream recording (beta)

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Hi everybody,
We are happy to inform that we’ve made a release of the QuickBlox Javascript SDK 2.4.0!

The main feature in this release is an ability to record video stream (webcam and audio) in video chat. You can simply record you stream or stream of your opponents and the save it to some file and then store on the server.

We have prepared a guide how to work with Recorder API  –

Also, Video Chat code sample is updated.

Other features in this release:

  • Chat Stream Management. This feature defines an approach for ensuring that message was delivered to server (aka ‘sent’ status).
  • New build tool (Gulp instead of Grunt).
  • Removed unminified (quickblox.js) version of library. Uses source maps (npm run develop) for debugging.

Read full changelog: