Javascript SDK 1.16.0

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Great news

Out Javascript developers are ready to present next version of SDK – 1.16.0

What’s new:

  • Chat:
    • added onReconnectListener and onDisconnectedListener listeners to manage connection states
    • wrapped up all chat callbacks into try/catch
    • added the read/delivered message statuses to chat sample
    • moved chat sample notifications to System Notifications API
    • added API to get unread messages count:, callback)
    • force message deletion API
    • delete multiple dialogs in a single query API
    • fixed an issue with method. Now in a case of error it returns object instead of string.
  • WebRTC Video calling:
    • Got rid of MediaStream.stop() warning
  • Users:
    • Twitter Digits integration
  • Other:
    • Simplified custom endpoints setup via config
    • Removed ssl config. From now there is no way to use unsecure connection.
    • Renamed ‘Messages’ to ‘Push Notifications’ module.
    • Reviewed Users, Content tests
    • Removed s3Bucket and turn settings from config


Download new version on developers section

We also have opened our tests so now everybody can run it