iOS Video calling(WebRTC) SDK with dynamic framework, reduced size and Bitcode supported

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Today we’re proud to announce the new version iOS video calling (WebRTC) SDK 2.4 with 3 new killer things:

  • Bitcode supported. Apple added Bitcode binary support for developer apps as part of the app thinning process. The main reason behind this is to minimize the end user download app size.
  • Built as dynamic framework.  To develop apps, programmers link their custom code against these libraries to get basic functionality. However, linking to libraries creates large executable files and wastes memory. One way to reduce the file size and memory footprint of apps is to reduce the amount of code that is loaded at app launch. Dynamic libraries address this need; they can be loaded either at app launch time or at runtime. Dynamic libraries provide a way for apps to load code when it’s actually needed
  • Reduced size of our framework from 84.3 mb to 67.4 mb. Bitcode support and dynamic framework itself have allowed us to reduce our framework size in ~21%.

We want to provide you an ability to give your users the best user experience you can. And these 3 features are directly connected to it.

Read full QuickbloxWebRTC SDK 2.4 changelog.

Have a great time using the SDK!