iOS SDK 2.7.5 release: Dynamic Framework

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Hi everybody,

today we announce our new release of iOS SDK 2.7.5 and starting from now we release it as Dynamic Framework.

Dynamic linking is most commonly used on OS X and iOS. When dynamic libraries are linked, none of the library’s code is included directly into the linked target. Instead, the libraries are loaded into memory at runtime prior to having symbols getting resolved. Because the code isn’t statically linked into the executable binary, there are some benefits from loading at runtime.

More info on Dynamic Framework in Apple documentation.

Full changelog:

  • Introducing Quickblox iOS SDK as dynamic framework. See our updated installation guide on this.
    • Dynamic framework is supporting iOS 8+.
    • For iOS 7+ use QuickBlox-static pod as static library.
  • Added framework version as QuickbloxFrameworkVersion extern constant.
  • [FIXES]
    • Fixed possible QBChat issues with IPv6.
    • Fixed QBCOFileUploadInfo not being public class (thanks mskrischke).
    • Fixed leak with QBSession management.

Download new iOS SDK on QuickBlox iOS developers section