iOS SDK 2.6 release

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Hey guys!

Let us present you today the next release of QuickBlox iOS SDK 2.6!

What’s new:

  • QMServices 0.3.1
    • QMUsersService + Cache
  • QMChatViewController 0.3
    • Time header view
    • Transformed collection view to improve chat UX
  • SDK
    • NSURLSession is used in REST API core
    • Various improvements in auto-create session flow
    • Bugfix:
      • Completion block on [QBChat disconnectWithCompletionBlock:]’ called only when disconnect failed
  • Samples
    • Updated to latest SDK, Services and ChatViewController
    • Read message status done right


As usual you can you cocoapods to link your project with QuickBlox iOS SDK or you can manually download it from developers section