iOS SDK 2.4 release with automatic session and push notifications environment management

Posted on by Igor Khomenko

QuickBlox team is happy to release new iOS SDK version 2.4. This is one of our biggest iOS update, with some conceptual changes which should simplify apps development process.


What’s new:

  •  Framework:
    • Automatic session management! Now you don’t need to call ‘createSession’ on every start app. Now SDK manages this automatically!
    • ‘Now typing’ for group chats
    • Automatic push notifications environment management! Now you don’t need to bother with push environment settings. Now SDK manages this automatically!
    • Added a delegate QBChatDelegate.chatDidReconnect
    • Ability to change the TCP socket keep alive settings
    • The XMPP ‘see-other-hosts’ processing logic has been added
    • Deprecated the old chat room delegates with jid, added new with dialog id
    • Automatically add a dialog ID to each chat message
    • Set custom endpoints retrieval period time to 6h
    • Ability to manually send the ‘delivered’ status via QBChat.markAsDelivered method
    • New delegates for read/delivered statuses handling
  • Samples:
    • New completely rewritten Chat code samples on Objectve-C and Swift
    • Updated UI on all code samples
  • Other:

Download iOS SDK 2.4

For any support queries, please create a ticket on GitHub or ask a ‘quickblox’ tagged question on StackOverflow.

Good luck with your apps development!