iOS SDK 1.8 released

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Today, we’ve released a new version of iOS SDK: 1.8

iOS development is the topic on everybody’s lips these days. That’s why there is no time to wait, it’s time to release new features!

The QuickBlox team has released lots of new iOS features, here is completed list:

  • VideoChat:
    • updated VideoChat API
    • added ability to manage audio route
    • fixes for iOS7, iPhone5C, iPhone5S
  • Chat:
    • added Chat-history-to-CusomObjects plugin: [message saveWhenDeliveredToCustomObjectsWithClassName:@”ChatMessage” additionalParameters:@{@”age”: @22, @”type”: @”actor”}];
  • Enterprise:
    • added ability to manage S3 bucket: [QBSettings setContentBucket:@”name_of_S3_bucket”]
  • Messages:
    • updated device udid in iOS7
  • General:
    • fixed social login dialog in landscape mode
    • added arm64 support
    • set iOS 5.1.1 as min version
    • renamed BaseService class to QBBaseModule, static method sharedService tosharedModule
    • replaced core network library ASIHTTPRequest with AFNetworking
    • added access to token expiration date [QBBaseModule sharedModule].tokenExpirationDate
  • Custom Objects:
    • added Files API
    • added output parameter to manage records’ output fields
    • added ctnor filters
    • added ability to delete multiple records in single query [QBCustomObjects deleteObjectsWithIDs:@[345,678] className:@”Movie” delegate:self]
    • added ability to create multiple records in single query [QBCustomObjects createObjects:@[object1, object2] className:@”Movie” delegate:self];
    • added ability to update multiple records in single query [QBCustomObjects updateObjects:@[object1, object2] className:@”Movie” delegate:self];
  • Content:
    • added ability to update blob’s file [QBContent TUpdateFileWithData:file file:blob delegate:self];

Feel free (as usual) to download latest version form iOS dev portal  and integrate into your apps.