iOS SDK 1.5

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Hi to all QuickBlox developers!

Follow latest QuickBlox Updates – VideoChat and Unlimited API Calls for Developers , happy to inform you that we have released big update of iOS SDK – 1.5.

List of new features:

  • Added VideoChat API
  • Chat API improvements:
    • QBChat: replaced method – (void)chatRoomDidEnter:(NSString *)room with – (void)chatRoomDidEnter:(QBChatRoom *)room
    • QBChatDelegate: Now you dont need to use – (void)chatRoomDidCreate:(QBChatRoom*)room. In all cases (create or join room) chatRoomDidEnter: method will be called
    • QBChat: Added new method for room creation: – (void)createOrJoinRoomWithName:(NSString *)name membersOnly:(BOOL)isMembersOnly persistent:(BOOL)isPersistent. Old methods marked as deprecated.

Please download updated SDK in QuickBlox iOS developers section

New SDK need to connect some additional frameworks – please follow How to: add SDK to Xcode and connect to the cloud

Good luck with your code!