iOS SDK 1.5.1

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Good day QuickBlox developers!

We have good news for you – iOS SDK 1.5.1!

Please see bellow list of new features:

  • Chat API improvements:
    • added method to QBChat requestRoomOnlineUsers: – allows to retrieve room online users
    • added isJoined property to QBChatRoom
    • Unsupported symbols now will be removed from room name. You can validate room name using [QBChat roomNameToValidRoomName:roomName]
    • added method to QBChat destroyRoom: – allows to delete room
  • VideoChat API improvements:
    • added muteVideoChat property to QBChat – allows to mute microphone during video conference.
  • Users API improvements:
    • added method to QBUsers usersWithLogins: – allows to retrieve users by logins
    • added method to QBUsers usersWithEmails: – allows to retrieve users by emails
  • Now you can manage timeout for queries [QBSettings setTimeOutSeconds:10]

Please download updated SDK in QuickBlox iOS developers section

Good luck with your code!