iOS SDK 1.4

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Dear QuickBlox developers!
It is our great pleasure to inform you that we have released iOS SDK 1.4.

It has lots of new great features, please follow list below:

1) Updated CustomObjects API:

2) Updated Social API:

  • added scope param: replaced QBUsers’s method logInWithSocialProvider:delegate: with logInWithSocialProvider:scope:delegate:
  • now you can auth using Social provider access token.  Added method logInWithSocialProvider:accessToken:accessTokenSecret:delegate: to QBUsers class

3) Updated Chat API:

  • added method to QBChatDelegate chatRoomDidChangeOnlineUsers:room: . Now you can handle online users in chat room
  • added method to QBChat requestRoomUsers: – allows to retrieve room members (only for only members rooms)

4) Updated Users API:

  • added to QBUsers class method usersWithIDs – allows to retrieve users by ids
  • changed type of  QBUUser property tags – changed from NSArray to NSMutableArray

5) Updated Messages API:

  • Create session with device parameters is deprecated. Now you don’t need to create session with device parameters in order to use Push Notifications
  • added methods to send push notification without environment
  • added method to class QBMessages – TSendPushWithText:toUsers:delegate: – simple way to send push – juts write text & send

Please download new in QuickBlox iOS developers section

Good luck with your code!