iOS SDK 1.3.0 is now available!

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Hi there!

We have released new version of QuickBlox iOS SDK with next features:

  • Chat API was refactored: new Chat JID format (without user’s login)  – ( and other.
  • NSCopying, NSCoding protocols for all models are implemented
  • isEqual method for all models is implemented
  • Added a convenient constructor to class Request and all inherited classes ([Request request])
  • Added a method to Messages API for stop receive Push Notifications – [QBMessages TUnregisterSubscriptionWithDelegate:self];
  • Added a method to Messages API for sending Push Notifications to users with tags – [QBMessages TSendPush:message toUsersWithAnyOfTheseTags:@”man, car” isDevelopmentEnvironment:YES delegate:self];
  • Added a property ‘enableSessionExpirationAutoHandler’ to QBSettings class for enable auto handling session expiration
  • C2DM enum was renamed to GCM
  • QBMPushEvent class was renamed to QBMApplePushEvent
  • SBJSON was hidden
  • Updated Content Tags API
  • iOS 6 compatibility
You can download new version in Developers section

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