Introducing the Web SDK

Posted on by Nate Macleitch


We’ve been working extra hard recently to develop an SDK to take advantage of the powerful QuickBlox API and today, it is our pleasure to announce that the Web SDK is now available.

We’ve been giving apps super powers for a few years now and we recently passed 4,000 registered developers, which is 5 times as many as we had this time last year – and we’re growing even faster than ever. We really care about our users as well as yours, so that is why we have developed the Web SDK. Prior to this, developers had to access our API with REST calls which was slow and laborious. Now with QuickBlox.js, you’re able to access your services through the browser with just a couple of lines of code (and it looks a whole lot cleaner too).

We invite you to have a play with it and create something awesome – you’ll find the Web SDK on GitHub. Technically this is a beta release, so if you find any bugs or your web app just refuses to work, head over to Stack Overflow and ask a question with the tag “quickblox” and we’ll be more than happy to help you out. If you’d like to contribute, that’s welcome too. Also it’s worth noting that with our FREE tier, you have access to 10GB free data for traffic/store, unlimited API calls and unlimited push notifications. That’s right – unlimited!

Well that’s all from me. Have a great time using the SDK.

QuickBlox – super powers for your apps!