Improvements to QuickBlox (Dec 11)

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

We have been busy over the last month to add improvements to QuickBlox. This includes making the modules better and more reliable, along with improvements to the UI of the Admin Panel.

Release Notes:

The majority of the work was dedicated to improving stability and performance.

New integration and layout design for UI web interface in Account Admin Panel.

Security issues were fixed.

Users, Location and Messaging have all had interface fixes.

We linked mobile users to administrative account. Performance of administration area have been improved, now it works much faster.

We upgraded part of Content module to allow our users to store data in S3 with expiration dates.

Support for tags in Users block were added.

We improved the data structure in our API to make it more logical and understandable. In particular we change Users and Location APIs.

We automated our deploy process with deploy scripts. This will affect our enterprise customers.

Dozens of small improvement and enhancements spread across our service and account administration web interface.