How to use location-based chat and AR in dating and social

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

With the expansion of the dating and social communities, it is hard to stand out and create something innovative. However, why reinvent the wheel when someone has already invented it?  We are talking about location-based chat and AR (Augmented Reality). QuickBlox developed code samples for these APIs for platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone, which are easy to integrate and simple to use.

How it works: location based chat features a Map View with overlays of users, chat rooms and objects typically centred around user’s current location. In many use cases the communication is done both over map and in a chat room where the chat has information such as distance next to other users and map displays pop-ups with latest chat messages over user’s avatars.

This is a very powerful feature to enable visual location-aware discovery and communication for those who are developing .

Augmented Reality chat is similar to location based chat however in this case users, chat rooms and objects are displayed in an Augmented Reality (camera overlay) view which is adjusted as user turns around. What this means is user can turn around looking through their phone / tablet camera and see where the other users and objects are in relation to their current location and direction of turning.

This is a really interesting feature which, similarly to Map Chat, allows easy visual, location-aware communication for social, dating and other purposes.

Moreover, QuickBlox has developed an independent application, ChattAR that have open source code samples, so go ahead and build your own app with these features!


ChattAR is a Facebook client by QuickBlox with extra features of Public Chat room, Location based chat and Augmented Reality Chat.

Example of the location based push / chat social networking app using QuickBlox Location-based Chat:

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