How many API calls per app typical for BaaS platforms?

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Our users often ask how many API calls their app would be generating.

Check out our answer on Flury:

In brief, what we see right now:

the app without very active user base will have 100-300 API calls per 1 user per month

on average user generates around 20 API calls per session

QuickBlox stats, API calls:

QuickBlox stats, user logins:

Flurry stats, user sessions:

Note that QuickBlox user logins statistics matches Flurry user session count.

Important to understand that stats very a lot depending on the app and user base. Some of our enterprise customers have 100,000 user sessions and push notifications sent per day, 5,000 concurrent chat connections etc which is normal for social network type of app but you need an active user base for that.