Geo-fencing, location-based chatting and video calling are easier than you have thought

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Yesterday we have given a presentation at Mobile Agency Masterclass in London sharing some of the QuickBlox technology updates to the world of digital agencies.

Things like chat, push notifications, video calling and location-triggered suggestions / geofencing is something many talk about but not many apps feature those functionalities. And there is a reason for that – all these features sound simple but are difficult to implement if you try and build a reliable and scalable server-side infrastructure to support them.

On our mission of unlocking the technology into mobile, QuickBlox explains all these technologies are not as complex as you have thought – with our SDK and code samples it takes just 3 lines of code to add, for example, video calling or geofencing.

It is now simpler to make your apps engaging, retain and unite your user base which for agencies means better retention rates for their clients and for end users it means more useful, meaningful and interesting apps.


Using geo-fencing, chat, push notifications and video calling to engage your mobile users from Taras Filatov