ChatMessagesAdapter – an elegant ready to go UI component for Android messaging applications

Posted on by Igor Khomenko

Hi everybody,

to speed up Android apps development we are happy to release today an elegant ready-to-go UI component for Android chat applications that use Quickblox communication backend.

Android chat messages adapter

Now you do not need to redevelop each time that boring UI stuff, this is for all of QuickBlox developers to save their time and don’t repeat every time the same things.


  • Ready-to-go QBChatMessage view adapter with a set of view types.
  • UI customisation for all message types.
  • Flexibility in improving and extending functionality.
  • Easy to connect with Quickblox.
  • Optimised and performant.
  • Flexible mechainm for styling layout for chat messages.
  • Add custom widgets inside predefined layout


It’s available on GitHub:

We are happy to receive your feedback and improve this component to suit best your apps, let us know – please create a ticket on GitHub or ask a ‘quickblox’ tagged question on StackOverflow.