Chat bots for enterprise (on premise supported)

Posted on by Taras Filatov

Chat bots is a hot topic lately and many businesses would love to benefit from it. Users love to communicate with products and businesses via messaging interface where they can get an immediate response. The major hurdle for enterprises here is data ownership and compliance as many enterprise customers cannot allow for their users profile and messaging to be handled by 3rd party servers of WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Viber etc.

At QuickBlox we have many customers from Healthcare, Finance, Government, Security, E-commerce sectors who asked us whether they could benefit from the rise of Chat Bots in their projects without compromising data ownership and compliance. This means the server-side code needs to be hosted in a separate AWS server or on-premise and client-side code needs to be available to close-source. QuickBlox always had all that except easy way to build your own enterprise grade chat bot.

Now we are resolving that through our Cloud Code and Chat Bots initiative and you can use this simple documentation to build your own chat bots, hosted on your QuickBlox enterprise instance:

enterprise chat bot

This howto piece uses RiveScript and we will continue improving our Cloud Code and Chat Bots offerings to provide more options for building and integration of your own custom logic around OTT communication.