build an ATM / bank branch locator app with Augmented Reality (and more)

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

QuickBlox makes it easy to build complex things. We’ll be publishing examples by verticals time to time to give developers and agencies some food for though regarding incredible apps they could easily build with QuickBlox.

Take banking sector, for example. Making a proper mobile banking solution is not easy as it requires integration with existent IT infrastructure of the bank. ATM Locator however is a much easier thing is all what you need is just a reliable backend to sync coordinates from.

With QuickBlox Location API, SDK (available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry) and code samples featuring Google Maps, Bing Maps and Augmented Reality view you can easily build an ATM Locator app. What’s great about it is your ATM finder can have both Map and AR views and there are ready code samples for that (latest AR sample is here but more is coming soon).

It is also very easy with QuickBlox Location admin panel to add new ATMs / branches to the map, without having to re-publish the app of course! Just enter coordinates, address or drag&drop a pin on the map.

QuickBlox Messages also provides a great channel to address the customers – use Push Notifications instead of SMS and e-mails to deliver instant updates about new offers, inform clients about important security changes etc. Also important that Push Notifications are free to send unlike SMS.

Next step after ATM locator app could be to build a proper mobile banking solution or create a service for Fraud Prevention Team to coordinate their efforts using mobile messaging, virtual office and location based technologies – QuickBlox will provide all server-side infrastructure for that.

Given below are some SlideShare slides regarding what you can build in mobile banking: