AWS plus On Premises HA hosting and data replication for your enterprise cloud backend

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

At QuickBlox we often have to deal with different requirements of enterprise customers where QuickBlox has to be integrated with existing infrastructure or change configuration in order to be compliant with internal requirements, tick security boxes and be HA/DR ready.

As result, one hundred and one hybrid configurations are born.

In some cases like the one described here, clients want to have QuickBlox running both on Amazon and on premises with all data obviously replicated and load balancer in place. Provided is a simplified visio diagram of possible hosting configuration  of this type (AWS and on-premises hosting) how it works with QuickBlox.

AWS and On Premises hosting structure

In this configuration we have chosen to use AWS Load Balancer as main load balancer however alternative configurations are possible including using Nginx / HAProxy for load balancing on premises or using schemes without conventional load balancers at all. Chat server is not duplicated as some of you might have noticed as chat is less important for the applications of this particular client. We have chosen to go with Master -> Slave MySQL replication while MongoDB does a great job on replication itself.

Please get in touch with our enterprise team if you want to discuss your custom configuration.