Android SDK 2.5 with Maven support, message ‘sent’ status and smooth migration between plans.

Posted on by Nate Macleitch


Today we are ready to present a big update for Android developers – Android SDK 2.5, with a bunch of updates!

Main features:

  • Android SDK’s #1 most-requested feature, connect SDK artifacts (jar/aar) via Maven, is now supported. You can connect QuickBlox Android SDK to your project with a couple of lines in your build.gradle file.  Link to repository with artifacts and integration guide
  • Android SDK’s #2 most-requested feature, a ‘sent’ status for chat message, has also been added in this release. Starting from Android SDK 2.5 you can track the ‘sent’ status of your message. It means that your message has been delivered to the server. Read more how it works
  • Android SDK’s #3 most-requested feature, smooth endpoints migration between plans, made it into 2.5 as well. Now you don’t need to resubmit your app to Android market when you are migrating to another plan.  Read more about new SDK initialization API.
  • Apache Client has been replaced with HttpURLConnection for HTTP requests. No more old buggy libraries inside SDK!

Read the whole info about framework changelog

Check out Android SDK section to get a better view on a new version.