Android SDK 2.3 release with chat message statuses and video calling updates

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Today the QuickBlox Android team releases a new version of Android SDK 2.3 with chat message statuses and video calling updates

What’s new:

  • WebRTC video calling:
    • Fixed the NullPointerException issue
    • Set the default values of QBRTCConfig.dialingTimeInterval to 5 and QBRTCConfig.answerTimeInterval to 60
    • Updated webrtc lib to r9813
  • Chat
    • Added the ‘mobile optimisations’ – a way to save the battery life while be in inactive state.
    • Added the ping manager
    • Added the deliveredIds field to QBChatMessage model
    • Reviewed the delivered/read statuses management, added QBMessageStatusListener and QBMessageStatusesManager classes.
    • Added ‘is typing’ listener for group chat
    • Added the getDialogId to QBPrivateChat and QBGroupChat models
  • Content
    • Fixed the file upload issue on some Android devices

Download Android SDK

and also check out updated Android Chat code sample and documentation

Happy Android Building!