Android SDK 2.2: major WebRTC updates, stability fixes and more

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Android + QB

Hello all! Our Android development team have been working like trojans (is this phrase acceptable in tech context?) over the past few months, and we are ecstatic to present you our latest update: Android SDK 2.2.

While stability fixes are always super exciting to hear about, the star of the show here is WebRTC. With the Android SDK 2.2, we have completely refreshed WebRTC functionality, and added a bunch of new features and improvements. It now supports one-to-one video and audio calling with superb quality. Check out the code below for creating a call between between 2 users.

QBRTCTypes.QBConferenceType qbConferenceType = QB_CONFERENCE_TYPE_VIDEO;

// Initiate opponents list
List<Integer> opponents = new ArrayList<Integer>();
opponents.add(12345); // 12345 - QBUser ID

// Set user information
Map<String, String> userInfo = new HashMap<>();
userInfo.put("key", "value");

// Init session
QBRTCSession session = 
      QBRTCClient.getInstance().createNewSessionWithOpponents(opponents, qbConferenceType);

// Start call

Coupled with the SDK, we have a new video calling sample for you to play around with, using version 2.2. Check it out, build something great and conquer the world!