Android SDK 2.1

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

After almost 3 months, the QuickBlox team is ready to release the next update of Android SDK: 2.1.

This is kind of polishing of the 2.x family which contains a bunch of new features and some stability fixes.

What’s new:


  • Added QBParticipantListener that will be notified of any new Presence packets sent to the group chat.
  • Added QBMessageListenerImpl – an implementation of QBMessageListener.
  • API to remove multiple chat messages in a single query
  • API to create a chat message via REST
  • New filters in QBRequestGetBuilder: outputInclude, outputExclude, near
  • Added a method getRecipientId to QBDialog class.
  • Added a method getSession to QBAuth to get an info about current session.
  • New filters in QBRequestUpdateBuilder: addToSet, updateArrayValue.
  • Added put<type> methods to QBCustomObject class.
  • Added a method setId to QBChatMessage to set the custom Id.
  • Upload/Download files progress callbacks for Content and CustomObjects modules.
  • API to create the geodata with the location-push
  • Updated core of the XMPP library
  • Removed classes QBMessage and QBChatHistoryMessage. Now QBChatMessage must be used anywhere.


  • Doesn’t add extraParams to the chat message if there are no any extra parameters or attachments added to chat message.
  • deleteDialog method in the QBGroupChatManager and QBPrivateChatManager classes are marked as none static.
  • Issue with chat logout where it wasn’t possible to login with another user without doing QBChatService.getInstance().destroy();

Feel free to download the Android SDK 2.1 here.

Don’t be shy and go build something awesome with QuickBlox Android SDK!