Adding video calling (videochat) to your iOS and Android apps in 5 minutes

Posted on by Nate Macleitch

Great news – video calling and conferencing doesn’t belong to the Skypes, Ciscos and Googles of the world anymore!

You can add video calling into your apps for free with QuickBlox SDK.

We have released our iOS video calling SDK in February this year as has also been featured by TheNextWeb and recently at Droidcon London we have also announced the Android video calling SDK.

Both libraries for iOS and Android are accompanied with code samples and step-by-step integration tutorials. We have spent time optimising the libraries and server-side component so it launches quickly, works very well not only over WiFi but also over 3G/4G and has optimal picture and sound quality.
The solution is peer to peer so you don’t need to host a massive server-side infrastructure and pay for traffic. QuickBlox cloud backend takes care of users authentication, handshake and NAT traversal making sure your users can call each other through different network, firewall and router configurations.

Imagine what you can do with functionality similar to Skype or FaceTime in your apps – and you may also combine it with QuickBlox Users, Chat, Push Notifications, Content, Location and Ratings APIs to make really engaging social apps or add communication layers to increase efficiency in business/enterprise applications.