Augmented Reality Chat

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Tutorials, GIT code samples (mash apps) and case studies are available for:

Augmented Reality + Location + Chat

allow your users to see each other in AR view, see who is online, directions and distance to them. Chat over AR view and find new friends. Great functionality for social networks, dating or just to make your app really social and engaging.


Location + Chat

alternative mode featuring just a Map Chat view

Chat + Messages

just a group chat where you can chat with your friends. Integrated with Messages (Push Notifications) module so you never miss your chats.

More examples

Code samples

ChattAR is a messenger for Facebook powered with QuickBlox Location Chat and Augmented Reality Chat (as well as standard features of group chat room, 1:1 chat, push notification alerts and message quoting).

Check out in App store:

VKRadar is a messenger for social network popular in Russia and xUSSR countries. It features Location Chat and Augmented Reality Chat powered by QuickBlox. Latest version is always available in GIT repository:

Check out in App store: