Social dating / rating and chat app (iOS)

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Users plus Chat plus Ratings

Clickin’ is the hottest new way to keep score in your dating lives. We’ve combined the age-old habits of dating and rating to create an on-the-go social currency called “clicks”. Be it someone you just met, a casual fling or a loyal lover- Clickin’ is for those who share a connection or want to.
Find and Discover: Add someone to click with using their phone number or simply search through users already clickin’ ! Add as many partner as you like–we don’t judge!
Keep Score: We give you and each of your partners (yes you can have multiple) a dedicated space to chat endlessly; share moments and most importantly keep score! Simply swipe to award clicks by input in your own text or choosing form our recommendations
Trade: Negotiate and trade in your precious clicks against your partner for something of value to you. Maybe a Boys Night Out ? A romantic date night ? or even a sexy lap dance?

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