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Ever wondered how you would  fare in a duel, cowboy-style? This app was the solution to that – be the fastest to draw your iPhone. Winner takes all.

Introducing GUNSLINGER, delivering the excitement of an ol’ west showdown to your iPhone. Check to see which outlaws are online worldwide, select your opponent and challenge them to a showdown at High Noon or any other time that takes yer cotton-pickin’ fancy.

Put your phones facing down by your hip and start the countdown. When the sheriff yells “Draw!” see who is the fastest! No arguing though – the phone tells you which one of you gets to blow the smoke from the barrel… and which one of you has tasted a dust sandwich.

Create a profile and choose your gunslinger alter ego and a six-shooter… and the best part? Every showdown you win brings you closer to the Top Ten Most Wanted on the Leader-board. Just remember… gunslingers never die of old age…
just lead poisoning.

  • Play against users from all over the world!
  • Top 10 ‘Most Wanted’ leader board.
  • Customize you profile – choose a photo or an avatar.
  • Choice of weapons, unlock more the more points you earn!
  • Atmospheric sound effects.