Chat for car owners (via license plate) app (iOS)

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The “Car Chat” application (app) is a communications platform that allows people to contact each other by way of car license plate numbers.

How Does It Work?
Simply download the app to your phone, fill out a short registration form and begin communicating with people by knowing their license plate number. All you need to do is type in the search bar the car license number of the person with whom you want to make contact and open up a chat session with the owner of the vehicle.

What Are the Benefits?
Let us suppose that someone blocks you in with their vehicle and you are in a hurry. How can you locate the driver of the vehicle blocking you in? Very simple. Type in the license plate number of the vehicle that is blocking you and send the owner a message.
Suppose you notice a parked car that you are interested in buying. Simply send the owner a message of inquiry using Car Chat.
Suppose you forget to lock your car. Someone can send you a message to let you know that your car is unlocked.


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