3D word game with scores (iOS)

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C.U.B.I. is the next generation AI machine that loves to play, learn, enjoy and explore! But it needs your help to learn words. And it will only learn through fun games :))

Use C.U.B.I.’s slick interface to find words in a simulated grid – in any direction. No restrictions except on time. C.U.B.I. comes with its own letter cubes that have letters on all six sides.

Find as many words as you can – the more you find the smarter your C.U.B.I. is. C.U.B.I. loves long words and rewards you with higher scores.

C.U.B.I. loves strategy – make sure you align colors within words to net bonus points. And don’t forget to look for the highest weighted letters!

Strategy, speed, and a good vocabulary will help you get high scores and unlock the awesome C.U.B.I. badges!!

Play now to start building the smartest C.U.B.I. in the Cubiplex!

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