Provide social rating, high scores, and leaderboard functionality to your app.

The Ratings module enables voting and rating by users combined with the user’s own data (their game scores, likes, purchases, etc.) to collectively evaluate the quality /rank of almost anything (e.g. apps, photos, books, posts, games, movies, news, hotels, etc.).  In its simplest form, this may involve applying a “Like” button or “star ratings” to more complex user polling and information resource.

  • Store and retrieve ratings/scores values across different apps
  • Different authentication methods
  • Supports additional custom fields (game modes)
  • Manage/moderate scores and game modes
  • Country flags
  • Avatars (Facebook profile or custom)
  • HTML widget to export data to website/Facebook page

Our Ratings module is typically used to:

  1. Enable online leaderboard / high scores table in a game so that players from all over the world can compete
  2. Add ratings or rewards points element into an app

Allows your app to support an online leaderboard of any kind.

Great way to engage users with your project is to introduce an element of competition where users are able to compete and compare their results with other users from all over the world.

Supports features such as country flags, various formatting and sorting modes, OpenGL mode for game apps.

High scores can be also exported to HTML to display at your website.

See it in action

This video shows how Ratings module has been used to implement online high scores, leader boards in iPhone games.

These are the screenshots of Ratings integrations where the module has been used to power an online High Scores / Leaderboard functionality in iPhone games. Notice that SDK supports country flags, custom parameters, different game modes, ‘time ago’ feature and user’s score highlighting. There are two SDK options for iOS: standard UI and OpenGL implementation. Via integration with Users, module supports custom Avatars or Facebook profile photos.


See all Ratings integration samples in our Samples Library.

How to use

Find detailed technical information, API documentation and how-to on SDK integration in our wiki:Ratings.


Сreate your app, download some samples, check API description in Wiki and start building your apps with high scores, ratings, voting and counters!