Custom Objects

Write any data scheme you want.

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With complete control over your code, developing large-scale programs is a breeze.

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The custom objects module allows you to create your own data schema for your app.

Uptime guarantee, 24/7 support, and unlimited data usage, concurrent users and notifications.
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Apps using the custom objects module:

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More features

Filtering - you can easily filter records by value, creation time or ID - just like you would with a normal database.

Permissions - easily change permissions for your records to suit your own needs.

Files - you can now store files too, just like you would with the content module.

Information for developers

Code snippets

QBCustomObject hero = new QBCustomObject("hero"); hero.put("health", 100); hero.put("type", "human"); hero.put("god_mode", false); QBCustomObjects.createNewObject(hero, new QBCallback() { @Override public void onComplete(Result result) { // response here! } });

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