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Deprecation notice - 21/01/2015

Deprecation notice - 21/01/2015

Please note: the Quickblox Windows Phone 7 SDK along with associated documentation and code samples have been deprecated. We will no longer provide support for these products, nor do we encourage their use in your projects.

Code samples

Learn how to enable Push Notifications, create a Chat room, authenticate users via Twitter/Facebook, show users' locations and POIs, store and retrieve files from the cloud, all in slick Metro UI - these code samples are really simple so that even beginner developers can understand:

Title APIs used Description
Overview of our Windows Phone code samples Users, Location, Chat Introduction and tutorial - please read this first
Simple Windows Phone Chat code sample Users, Chat Simple Chat

Simple Windows Phone Push Notifications (Messages) code sample + work with background processes Users, Messages Push Notifications + working with background processes

Advanced Windows Phone Location based Chat code sample Users, Location, Chat Location based Chat (advanced version)

Download Windows Phone SDK

QuickBlox Windows Phone SDK, version 0.5

How to: add SDK to Silverlight project and connect to the cloud

Please see QuickBloxSDK_Silverlight Namespace/QuickBlox Class/The Example of How to use QuickBlox in Windows Phone 7 applications section.

Read on: Windows Phone SDK documentation

See WP7 SDK documentation.