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QuickBlox API Documentation



QuickBlox provides a flexible mechanism for apps to retrieve all the correct endpoints (API, Chat, etc) to work with. This mechanism allows smooth transition between Plans.

URL Headers HTTP Verb Supported formats Action Description Success HTTP Status Code
/account_settings QB-Account-Key GET
  • xml
  • json
Request all app endpoints 200

To get the QB-Account-Key, open Admin panel, your Account page and copy the Account key value:

Account key.jpeg


curl -X GET \
-H "QuickBlox-REST-API-Version: 0.1.1" \
-H "QB-Account-Key: 7yvNe17TnjNUqDoPwfqp" \
curl -X GET \
-H "QuickBlox-REST-API-Version: 0.1.1" \
-H "QB-Account-Key: 7yvNe17TnjNUqDoPwfqp" \


  "account_id": 55,
  "api_endpoint": "https://api.quickblox.com",
  "chat_endpoint": "chat.quickblox.com",
  "turnserver_endpoint": "turnserver.quickblox.com",
  "s3_bucket_name": "qbprod"
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <account-id type='integer'>

Use these endpoints in the application. This should ideally be the first request in the application before all other requests to QuickBlox.


Need to know information


Under this term in our documentation we understand REST Web API, which is a set of HTTP/HTTPS calls and responses in XML or JSON formats.
Represents one solid space to control several API Applications with full access to their data and their API Users. Usually one Account is represented with one Account User who could log in through Web Interface and manage the data. In case you need more Account Users, please, contact us through email support@quickblox.com.
Account User
Is the system record that allows people to log in to the system and manage their API Applications, data, API Users and all other account resources.
API Application
This is your Mobile and Web Applications which sends API HTTP requests and receives responses from QuickBlox. API Applications are created by Account Users. At the same time it allows you to register API Users for the certain API Applications.
API User
User registered to use API Application. API Users access rights allow him to get access to their content, publish it and remove it.
All content which is sent to QuickBlox by API Users through API Interface and all content sent by Account User through Web Interface. Those resources accessed by API User through API Applications can be managed by Account User in Web Interface. Examples of resources: geolocations (data), images, votes in ratings and sometimes API Users.
Authentication Key
API Application identification key. This key is created at the time of adding a new application to your Account through the web interface. You can not set it yourself. You should use this key in your API Application to get access to QuickBlox through the API interface.
Authentication Secret
Secret sequence which is used to prove Authentication Key. It's similar to a password. You have to keep it private and restrict access to it. Use it in your API Application to create your signature for authentication request.
API Application Identifier
Unique number identifier of you API Application. It's autogenerated in Web Administration Area of your account on QuickBlox when you add new API Application.
Encrypted sequence which allows us to be sure that data sent by you during session token is transferred to us without any changes by third party(man in the middle). In few words it prevents Man in the middle type of attacks. See more details about signature generation here.
This is the period of time used by API Users to interact with QuickBlox [[#API|API]. It's used to prevent transferring secretive data with each request. Each session is identified by a session token.
Session Token (aka token)
Unique auto generated sequence of numbers which identify API User as the legitimate user of our system. It is used in relatively short periods of time and can be easily changed. We grant API Users some rights after authentication and check them based on this token.
Block (aka Module)
Block represent logical part of QuickBlox system. Our users use them to build API Applications.