Anton Dyachenko

Shared instance architecture changes

Posted by Anton Dyachenko on June 1, 2016

Please be notified,  that we are getting prepared for architecture changes on Shared instance (

We plan to upgrade our application to new architecture by September 2016.


This architecture upgrade doesn’t require any changes in client side application,as we just need to change the way QuickBlox works with application users.


In new architecture of QB application one user will be able to login to only *one* application under his credentials.


Currently there are users, who can login to any application in your account with the same credentials.

To be more accurate this functionality was blocked more than 6 months ago, but some of Shared instance accounts still use it. That’s our old solution and we face a lot of performance issues with this approach.


With new architecture release QB team will have more opportunities to implement performance improvements and as a result provide you with better service.


Account owners who have users shared between applications, will get detailed instructions about needed changes via admin panel and email.
Please follow Quickblox blog for updates in regards maintenance date/ time and other details.

Igor Khomenko

QuickBlox unveils Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) Chat and Video Calling WebRTC code samples

Posted by Igor Khomenko on May 27, 2016

We’re very excited to share that QuicBlox today announces Apache Cordova/PhoneGap support.
With this new solution, developers using PhoneGap to build mobile applications can now save themselves the time of building the messaging and video calling applications.

The PhoneGap platform enables web developers of all backgrounds to break into mobile development.

To use the integrated solution, a PhoneGap developer simply downloads the QuickBlox standard JavaScript library (it’s one single(!) library for Web, node.js and PhoneGap), drops it into their app, and focuses on the frontend, creative aspects of development.

We prepared 2 code samples for you – Chat and Video Calling (based on WebRTC), you can download them here. They all are based on our Web samples, with minimal modifications for PhoneGap environment. And it’s all cross-platform, so these samples work well with our native iOS/Android/Web samples/API.

Webrtc_cordova_sample2 (1) Webrtc_cordova_sample1 (1)

Currently supported PhoneGap platforms are:

  • Browser
  • iOS
  • Android

Start your integration today and let us know how it works!

Need help? – get in touch with our support team and post a quickblox tagged question on StackOverflow.
Or you also can use GitHub issues page.


Anton Dyachenko

Shared instance maintenance

Posted by Anton Dyachenko on May 19, 2016

QuickBlox application release on May 23rd (Monday), 2016 on Shared instance (

The maintenance is planned for 14:00-15:00 (GMT +1).


Server side changes :

Minor release to improve security, stability and push notification process performance.


During maintenance you may notice push notification service interruptions, as it will be temporary disabled.

Most likely maintenance will take 15-30 minutes.


We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

Igor Khomenko

Q-municate Web 1.4 Release with the Location Sharing feature

Posted by Igor Khomenko on May 16, 2016

QuickBlox team releases a new version of Q-municate Web 1.4 with the Location Sharing feature. Now you can share a location with your friends:

Location Sharing Q-municate demo


What’s new:

v. 1.4.0 – May 13, 2016

  • Added ability to send messages with geotag
  • Added ability to send map with location
  • Added tooltips for footer’s buttons
  • Stability fixes

Don’t be shy and try it out

You can find latest source code here

Igor Khomenko

QuickBlox releases new Android code samples

Posted by Igor Khomenko on May 13, 2016

Android code samples

QuickBlox Android team releases new fresh Android code samples!

The following updates were made:

  • New fresh Android material design, UI unification.
  • Refactored code, so now it’s much easier to use Android samples as a basis for your own projects.

You can download them on QuickBlox Android Code Samples section

For any support queries, please create a ticket in our helpdesk.

Good luck with your apps development!