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Released Permissions API (ACL) & iOS SDK 1.7

igorJuly 19, 2013

Hi guys, we are excited to announce  feature released in QuickBlox which is Permission API (ACL).

An access control list  is a list of  permissions attached to an record in Custom Objects module. This list specifies which users are granted access to records, as well as what operations are allowed on given objects (READ,CREATE,UPDATE,DELETE). Each entry in a typical Permissions specifies a subject and an operation. For instance, if a record has a permission that contains ("Garry,Bob,Igor,Taras", EDIT), this would give users “Garry,Bob,Igor,Taras” permission to edit this record.

There are two levels of access which QuickBlox is provided in such Permissions scheme: Class and Record.

Here is how Class permissions look like:

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iOS SDK 1.6

igorJuly 7, 2013

Hi to all!

We have released new version of iOS SDK – 1.6 – with lots of new beautiful features.
Here is a list:

  • Contact list:
    • Added ContactList API
    • Added ‘sendPresenceWithStatus’ method to QBChat to send presence with additional text
    • Added ‘sendDirectPresenceWithStatus:toUser:’ method to QBChat to send direct presence inside contact list
  • QBChatMessage model:
    • Added convenience constructor to QBChatMessage: [QBChatMessage message]
    • Changed type of QBChatMessage ID field to NSString
    • Added ability to set custom parameters to QBChatMessage
  • Group chat:
    • Added ‘sendPresenceWithParameters:toRoom:’ method to QBChat to send presence to room
    • Auto add appID to room name – http://quickblox.com/developers/Chat#Room_naming_convention
    • Updated QBChatDelegate method ‘chatRoomDidChangeOnlineUsers:room:’. Now, each object from ‘onlineUsers’ array is an instance of QBChatRoomOccupant class
  • Video chat:
    • Updated VideoChat API: now you should work with QBVideoChat object instead of QBChat
    • Added ability to make audio calls (without video)
    • Added ability to set custom AVCaptureSession for video chat
    • Added ability to set kQBVideoChatP2PTimeout
    • Added ability to manage torch during call
    • Added ability to switch camera(back, face) during call
    • Added ability to set video capture preset
    • Added ‘cancelCall’ method to QBVideoChat to cancel ‘callUser:’ method
    • Added custom parameters to methods ‘callUser:’ & ‘acceptCall’

Please download updated SDK in QuickBlox iOS developers section

Your ideas for next Apps & APIs London meetup

Taras FilatovJune 21, 2013

This is a message posted to our 273 members of Mobile Backend Apps & APIs meetup but I thought I would also post it here for any feedback from our blog subscribers.

Hi guys! Our group has been a bit quiet this year as we’ve been busy building cool stuff.

Last year we had a number of really successful meetups with lively dialog between developers and cloud API providers where we both learned more, had a thoughtful discussion over beer and pizzas and listened to some really great speakers from the worlds of developers and cloud API providers.

Your ideas for next Mobile Backend – Apps & APIs meetup

It is now time to resume so please get in touch if:

  • you know about some cool APIs you want to tell fellow developers about
  • you’ve built an awesome app you want to showcase (ideally using a cloud API)
  • you want to find more about some API / cloud platform / app development technology from people professionally involved in that space

We will process your feedback and announce speakers, time and venue for our next event.

News from QuickBlox

To tell you more about the stuff we’ve been working on at QuickBlox:

1. Free tier: QuickBlox is now FREE for developers with unlimited API calls and 10Gb traffic/storage per month to use in your apps.

2. Video Calling SDK: Check out our video chat SDK for iOS featured by TheNextWeb. Add FaceTime / Skype functionality into your app via simple drag&drop of our library. As usual code sample is available on GitHub. Working on Android and Web libraries right now – e-mail to get on beta users list if you’re Android or web developer.

3. BB10 Facebook Connector: We have released an open-source Facebook connector library for BlackBerry 10 which we have used in official Liverpool Connect BB10 app as featured in BlackBerry Developers blog and Crackberry.

Opportunity for SDK developers and platform evangelists in London (and US)

Want to get directly involved in making cloud API platform such as QuickBlox? Build innovative enabling technologies such as VideoChat, WebRTC or Augmented Reality SDK libraries? Be the first to tell the world about it?

E-mail taras AT quickblox.com if you want to become a part of QuickBlox team (or know somebody who seems a good candidate for us).

Thanks – that’s pretty much it – keep building great apps and will see you all in our next meetup!

Taras Filatov,



AWS plus On Premises HA hosting and data replication for your enterprise cloud backend

Taras FilatovMay 29, 2013

At QuickBlox we often have to deal with different requirements of enterprise customers where QuickBlox has to be integrated with existing infrastructure or change configuration in order to be compliant with internal requirements, tick security boxes and be HA/DR ready.

As result, one hundred and one hybrid configurations are born.

In some cases like the one described here, clients want to have QuickBlox running both on Amazon and on premises with all data obviously replicated and load balancer in place. Provided is a simplified visio diagram of possible hosting configuration  of this type (AWS and on-premises hosting) how it works with QuickBlox.

AWS and On Premises hosting structure

In this configuration we have chosen to use AWS Load Balancer as main load balancer however alternative configurations are possible including using Nginx / HAProxy for load balancing on premises or using schemes without conventional load balancers at all. Chat server is not duplicated as some of you might have noticed as chat is less important for the applications of this particular client. We have chosen to go with Master -> Slave MySQL replication while MongoDB does a great job on replication itself.

Please get in touch with our enterprise team if you want to discuss your custom configuration.

Liverpool Football club BB10 app and Facebook API connector library for BlackBerry 10 developers

Taras FilatovMay 24, 20132

QuickBlox is proud to announce our team has recently finished and pushed to App World the official Liverpool Connect app for BB10 (and BB7 too as a matter of the fact).

This is first EPL app on the platform and it’s a great app but better read some official and unofficial press releases as there is enough said about this already:

http://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/latest-news/lfc-connect-now-for-blackberry-7-10 (official blog post)

http://crackberry.com/lfc-connect-blackberry-10 (non-official, but lively discussion)

As part of development works we also found that there has been a lack of decent Facebook API library for BB10 so we have created one and shared it on GitHub which has also been shared to BlackBerry developers community (thanks to Brian Zubert and his team). All BlackBerry 10 developers please feel free to use the library. It is not tied with QuickBlox Users API so you may use it in any project even if it doesn’t use QuickBlox.


BB10 LFC Fan Finder Map powered by QuickBlox Location API