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QuickBlox releases a set of new features for iOS developers – iOS SDK 2.5

Posted by Igor Khomenko on November 13, 2015

Today QuickBlox releases a set of new features for iOS developers – iOS SDK 2.5

Main Features & Improvements:

  • Components:
    • QMServices 0.3 – Added QMUsersService to simplify operations with users. QMUsersCache – for caching users on disc. Refactoring and cleanup in QMContactListService and QMContactListCache.
  • Samples:
    • Updated to latest services and SDK.
  • SDK:
    • Add assert for incorrect app credentials when trying to create session.
    • Fixed module issue.
    • senderID is now added automatically to to the readIDs and deliveredIDs when message is received by SDK.
    • Unified Quickblox settings in one class.
    • Header with iOS version is added to ther REST API requests.
    • Unified interface for chat methods.

How to get it

To install QuickBlox framework using CocoaPods – you should just add following line in your Podfile:

pod 'QuickBlox'

Or download it from the iOS SDK documentation page: Download Quickblox iOS SDK 2.5

We’d also love your input on our survey about how you drive development with QuickBlox iOS SDK


Igor Khomenko

Android SDK 2.3.2 release

Posted by Igor Khomenko on October 26, 2015

Hello all!

QuickBlox Android team is ready to present the next update of Android SDK 2.3.2.
We collected recent feedback from StackOverflow and GitHub so this is mostly stability fixes update with just a couple of new features.

What’s new:

  • Features:
    • System Notifications API.
    • Ability to set ‘QBChatMessage.senderId’. Useful to send ‘read’ statuses in a case you don’t have the origin ‘QBChatMessage’ object.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed the ‘NullPointerException’ in ‘QBJsonErrorParser’
    • Fixed a crash when trying to delete one custom object via ‘QBCustomObjects.deleteObjects’
    • Fixed an issue with embedded arrays in CustomObjects fields.
    • Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to exchange messages between Android SDK and desktop XMPP clients like Adium or Psi
    • Fixed an issue with QBRTCClient ‘rejectCall’ method where a parameter ‘userInfo’ was never used.
    • Fixed an issue with context in ‘QBRTCClient’
    • Content: don’t print a file to log when download it.
    • Content: fixed an issue with big files upload.
    • Content: fixed an issue with ‘QBProgressCallback’ when it was producing the same progress value many times.
    • Updated ‘QBFile.lastReadAccessTime’ field’s type to ‘Date’.
    • Updated ‘QBFile.getPublicUrl’ method output to new format.
  • Other:
    • QBFile: removed useless properties ‘referencesCount’ and ‘lifeTime’


Check out new version of Android SDK and updated code samples.



Igor Khomenko

iOS SDK 2.4.5 release

Posted by Igor Khomenko on October 16, 2015

Hi guys,

we are ready to release the next version of iOS SDK with Xcode7 and Swift2 support!

What’s new:

  • SDK:
    • Fixed isLoggedIn for chat on iOS 7.
    • Dialog onLeave block not fired” issue fixed.
    • Simplified isEqual in iOS SDK models.
    • Add Generics and Nullability support.
    • Renamed QBChat login/logout/isLoggedIn methods to connect/disconnect/isConnected and QBChatDelegate delegate methodschatDidLogin/chatDidNotLoginWithError to chatDidConnect/chatDidNotConnectWithError
    • Fixed issue with custom parameters in createDialog:successBlock:errorBlock: request.
    • Removed sendDirectPresenceWithStatus in QBChat.
  • Samples:
    • Migrated to Xcode7 support
    • Swift 2, Nullability, Generics support in Swift Chat Sample.
    • Chat Samples: Fixed issue when dialog info was not correctly displayed.
  • QMServices (0.2.3):
    • Implemented update message mechanism.

Download iOS SDK 2.4.5

Happy coding!

Igor Khomenko

Javascript SDK release 1.15.1

Posted by Igor Khomenko on October 16, 2015

Today we announced Javascript SDK release 1.15.1

This new version has 2 main features:

Download Javascript SDK 1.15.1



Igor Khomenko

iOS SDK 2.4.3

Posted by Igor Khomenko on September 30, 2015

Every day the team comes up with new ideas how to improve our platform and then we integrate them into our products.

Today we release a new version of iOS SDK 2.4.3 with a lot of improvements that can simplify QuickBlox integration and apps development.


  •  SDK:
    • Added total unread messages count request.
    • Delete dialogs request with ‘forAllUsers’ option (deleting dialogs only for current user or for all users).
    • Delete messages request with ‘forAllUsers’ option (deleting messages only for current user or for all users).
    • Add ability to pass ‘mark_as_read=0′ for get messages request.
    • Removed QBChatRoom class
    • Quickblox framework could be connected to Swift projects without bridging header.
    • Replaced group chat delegates to handle online users statuses with blocks.
    • Renamed Messages module to PushNotifications module
  • Site Documentation:
    • Swift code snippets are added to chat sample documentation.
  • Samples:
    • Push notifications and auto login features are added to the Objective-C Chat Sample and Swift Chat Sample.
  • QMChatViewController:
    • Updated to 0.2.2 version.
  • QMServices:
    • Updated to 0.2.1 version.


Download iOS SDK  and start building your awesome apps!