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Android WebRTC Group video calling is finally here!

Posted by Igor Khomenko on November 30, 2015

Hi friends,

we are happy to inform you that Android WebRTC Group video calling is finally here!
A lot of developers wanted it so now it’s finally released with QuickBlox Android SDK 2.4.

Now it’s possible to have a video chat with many people at one time!

Android group video calling demo  Android Group video calling demo2


Updated Android Video chat code sample is available in QuickBlox Android developers section.
We also rewrote and cleanup a bit the documentation page so now it should be clearer for you to start with Android integration.

To summarise, now you can use the Group Video calling feature across almost all of QuickBlox SDKs:

Happy coding with QuickBlox!

Igor Khomenko

Javascript SDK 1.16.0

Posted by Igor Khomenko on November 17, 2015

Great news

Out Javascript developers are ready to present next version of SDK – 1.16.0

What’s new:

  • Chat:
    • added onReconnectListener and onDisconnectedListener listeners to manage connection states
    • wrapped up all chat callbacks into try/catch
    • added the read/delivered message statuses to chat sample
    • moved chat sample notifications to System Notifications API
    • added API to get unread messages count:, callback)
    • force message deletion API
    • delete multiple dialogs in a single query API
    • fixed an issue with method. Now in a case of error it returns object instead of string.
  • WebRTC Video calling:
    • Got rid of MediaStream.stop() warning
  • Users:
    • Twitter Digits integration
  • Other:
    • Simplified custom endpoints setup via config
    • Removed ssl config. From now there is no way to use unsecure connection.
    • Renamed ‘Messages’ to ‘Push Notifications’ module.
    • Reviewed Users, Content tests
    • Removed s3Bucket and turn settings from config


Download new version on developers section

We also have opened our tests so now everybody can run it   


Igor Khomenko

iOS Video Calling updates – WebRTC SDK 2.0!

Posted by Igor Khomenko on November 13, 2015

We have been busy beavers these past few months. We receive a lot of interest in our video calling product and now we have some exciting updates that we’re pleased to present to you.

The next generation of iOS WebRTC SDK is finally here! This is a huge update we ever made.
It contains a lot of cool and killer features lister below.

                      Incoming_Call  Video_Call

Release notes

1. Fixed performance issues on iPhone 4s, improved stability on multi-calls

2. Improved stability at low internet speed connection

3. Added support for H264 hardware video codec on iOS 8+

4. Added custom renderers and custom capture to send your custom frames

5. From this version you are able to configure:


  • Quality, pixel format, frames per second (FPS) and bandwidth
  • Choose whether to use VP8 or H264 video codec


  • Quality and bandwidth
  • Choose Opus, ISAC or iLBC audio codec

6. Sample-video-chat rearchitecture

7. Removed local video track

8. Added remote video track (see QBRTCRemoteVideoView)

9. Full support of AVCaptureSession

10. Improved performance in rendering local video track

How to get it

To install QuickBlox iOS WebRTC framework using CocoaPods – you should just add following line in your Podfile:

pod 'Quickblox-WebRTC'

Or check out iOS WebRTC code sample from the iOS WebRCT SDK documentation page: Download iOS WebRTC code sample

We hope you love it! Please share your feedback with us – get in touch with our support team and post a quickblox tagged question on StackOverflow.

Igor Khomenko

QuickBlox releases a set of new features for iOS developers – iOS SDK 2.5

Posted by Igor Khomenko on November 13, 2015

Today QuickBlox releases a set of new features for iOS developers – iOS SDK 2.5

Main Features & Improvements:

  • Components:
    • QMServices 0.3 – Added QMUsersService to simplify operations with users. QMUsersCache – for caching users on disc. Refactoring and cleanup in QMContactListService and QMContactListCache.
  • Samples:
    • Updated to latest services and SDK.
  • SDK:
    • Add assert for incorrect app credentials when trying to create session.
    • Fixed module issue.
    • senderID is now added automatically to to the readIDs and deliveredIDs when message is received by SDK.
    • Unified Quickblox settings in one class.
    • Header with iOS version is added to ther REST API requests.
    • Unified interface for chat methods.

How to get it

To install QuickBlox framework using CocoaPods – you should just add following line in your Podfile:

pod 'QuickBlox'

Or download it from the iOS SDK documentation page: Download Quickblox iOS SDK 2.5

We’d also love your input on our survey about how you drive development with QuickBlox iOS SDK