Igor Khomenko

QuickBlox releases Android SDK 2.0 with updated Chat API, generics and synchronous requests

Posted by Igor Khomenko on November 11, 2014

QuickBlox releases Android SDK 2.0 with updated Chat API, generics and synchronous requests!
We completely reviewed Chat module and made it easier to use and also add a huge amount of new features.

It’s the biggest Android release ever we did.

What’s new:

  • Updated Chat API with ‘user is typing’, ‘message read’, ‘message delivered’ statuses tracking, message carbons and more :)
  • New generic callbacks, Result entity is deprecated
  • Synchronous requests

We prepared the transition guide from 1.2 to 2.0, so feel free to use it and migrate to the new API

Also we updated all code samples , so you can easily start working with new features

QuickBlox to power your apps! Cheers!

Alex Bass

Be part of a big developer economics survey!

Posted by Alex Bass on November 10, 2014

Our friends over at VisionMobile have just launched their latest Developer Economics survey and they’re tracking developer trends across platforms, app revenues and dev tools – as well as investigating the emerging IoT market. The key findings from the survey will become available in the form of a free research report in February next year. Aside from contributing to the research, respondents to the survey will also get a chance to win some great prizes, including an iPhone 6, an Oculus Rift DevKit, and a Samsung Gear Smartwatch. You can take the survey here:

What are the latest trends in app development you’re seeing? Which platform is the best for monetising your apps? Which is the right revenue model for your apps? Do you think IoT is here to stay or just a fad? Take the survey and contribute to this research :)

Taras Filatov

Kafka, XMPP Chat, SSL and clustering married together

Posted by Taras Filatov on November 4, 2014

QuickBlox has recently added the support for Kafka (pub-sub queue / messaging system).

We have made our Chat server write to Kafka so that it is easier for our enterprise users to apply analytics, trust & safety and external systems and tools to chat server generated data.

We have also enabled SSL encrypted connection via AWS load balancer so that you can connect Kafka consumers via a secure HTTPS connection.

This solution has been adjusted and tested to work in a scalable environment so that X Kafka brokers can work with Y Chat servers controlled by Z Kafka ZooKeepers. You may also connect multiple consumers if required. This is very useful for backup, analytics and real-time reaction / integration systems.

The configuration depends on architecture and scalability factors but here is an example diagram (clickable) showing the principal scheme.

Apache Kafka queue added to XMPP Chat server via SSL and clustered

Igor Khomenko

New feature: Push Notifications for offline participants in a group chat dialog

Posted by Igor Khomenko on October 24, 2014

QuickBlox releases a new feature – Push Notifications for offline participants in a group chat dialog!

Earlier this feature was available only for 1-1 dialogs.

How it works:
For example you have a group chat dialog with 3 users. Let’s say User1 sent a message to this dialog and 2 other users are offline at the moment.
Now they will receive an automatic push notification, so they will be able to reply quickly.

Push Notifications settings can be configured in Chat Alerts tab in the QuickBlox dashboard.


Igor Khomenko

RUST programming language

Posted by Igor Khomenko on October 22, 2014

Earlier our team found the new programming language called Rust.

Rust is a general purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language developed by Mozilla Research. It is designed to be a “safe, concurrent, practical language”, supporting pure-functional, concurrent-actor, imperative-procedural, and object-oriented styles.

With Rust, D, Go, Nimrod it comes the new programming languages generation and it’s a time to start learning all this stuff!

We decided to start with Rust and write a simple Rust chat boot.
We started a new project This is an early version of a QuickBlox Chat bot written in Rust. For now this bot does nothing, it only connects to the QuickBlox Chat. More functionality will be available eventually, but may take time because there are no any ready-to-go Rust XMPP libraries.

Feel free to start integrating QuickBlox and Rust. Cheers!