Igor Khomenko

Q-municate Web 1.4 Release with the Location Sharing feature

Posted by Igor Khomenko on May 16, 2016

QuickBlox team releases a new version of Q-municate Web 1.4 with the Location Sharing feature. Now you can share a location with your friends:

Location Sharing Q-municate demo


What’s new:

v. 1.4.0 – May 13, 2016

  • Added ability to send messages with geotag
  • Added ability to send map with location
  • Added tooltips for footer’s buttons
  • Stability fixes

Don’t be shy and try it out

You can find latest source code here

Igor Khomenko

QuickBlox releases new Android code samples

Posted by Igor Khomenko on May 13, 2016

Android code samples

QuickBlox Android team releases new fresh Android code samples!

The following updates were made:

  • New fresh Android material design, UI unification.
  • Refactored code, so now it’s much easier to use Android samples as a basis for your own projects.

You can download them on QuickBlox Android Code Samples section

For any support queries, please create a ticket in our helpdesk.

Good luck with your apps development!

Igor Khomenko

Android SDK 2.5.2 and iOS SDK 2.7.1,2.7.2

Posted by Igor Khomenko on April 20, 2016

QuickBlox iOS and Android teams release minor updates of SDK:

  • Android SDK 2.5.2
  • iOS SDK 2.7.1, 2.7.2

These releases are mostly about stability and cross-platform compatibility, with just a small set of new features

Check out changelogs:

We always recommend use latest updates from QuickBlox

Need help? – get in touch with our support team and post a quickblox tagged question on StackOverflow.
Or you also can use GitHub issues page.

Good luck!

Igor Khomenko

Q-municate Web 1.3 Release with Video/Audio WebRTC calling feature

Posted by Igor Khomenko on April 20, 2016

Hi everybody,

today we would like to present the new update of Q-municate Web 1.3 – the open-source, cross-platform video calling and instant messaging app from Quickblox!

q-municate video chat

What’s new:

  • Audio/video calls (we use WebRTC)
  • Local notifications in browser for incoming calls
  • Full-screen mode for Audio/Video calls (Fullscreen API)
  • Advanced scroll in chat
  • New URL format for attachments

Don’t be shy and try it out

You can find latest source code here


Anton Dyachenko

Shared instance maintenance

Posted by Anton Dyachenko on April 12, 2016

QuickBlox application release on April 12th, 2016 on Shared instance (

The maintenance is planned for 13:00-14:00 (GMT +1).


Server side changes :

  1. Added reset password via SMS feature (available starting from “Advanced” plan).
  2. Admin panel: added suggestions in Search field.

Search field will suggest most appropriate variants in the search field (similar to dropdown list).

  1. Admin panel: added “Sender type” column in the Queue.

Added one more column to display the kind of received push notification: API, Dashboard, Alert.

  1. Added ability to filter the stats for the certain period of time.


Bug fixes:

  1. Possibility to filter chat messages by date_sent and _id fields together via REST API.

Added filtering last unread messages by milliseconds.

  1. Facebook Full Name assignment.


During maintenance you may notice short service interruptions.

Most likely we’ll get it done in under 10 minutes.


We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.