Igor Khomenko

iOS SDK 2.7.5 release: Dynamic Framework

Posted by Igor Khomenko on August 3, 2016

Hi everybody,

today we announce our new release of iOS SDK 2.7.5 and starting from now we release it as Dynamic Framework.

Dynamic linking is most commonly used on OS X and iOS. When dynamic libraries are linked, none of the library’s code is included directly into the linked target. Instead, the libraries are loaded into memory at runtime prior to having symbols getting resolved. Because the code isn’t statically linked into the executable binary, there are some benefits from loading at runtime.

More info on Dynamic Framework in Apple documentation.

Full changelog:

  • Introducing Quickblox iOS SDK as dynamic framework. See our updated installation guide on this.
    • Dynamic framework is supporting iOS 8+.
    • For iOS 7+ use QuickBlox-static pod as static library.
  • Added framework version as QuickbloxFrameworkVersion extern constant.
  • [FIXES]
    • Fixed possible QBChat issues with IPv6.
    • Fixed QBCOFileUploadInfo not being public class (thanks mskrischke).
    • Fixed leak with QBSession management.

Download new iOS SDK on QuickBlox iOS developers section


Igor Khomenko

API and Dashboard release 2016.06.1

Posted by Igor Khomenko on July 1, 2016

Hi everybody,

we are happy to announce our new backend release, with a couple of new features and stability improvements.

Main updates are:

  • Ability to upgrade plan in Dashboard (see new page Now you can easily change your plan in Dashboard.
  • Pop-up with main app selection – ability to choose one main application in admin panel, so all global users that are shared between all apps will be assigned only to single app. We are working on some internal architecture changes, so this step is needed to properly finalise this task.  More info on it here.

What’s new, in details:

  • API:
    • Fixed
      • It wasn’t possible to send a notification to email channel via API.
      • Custom Objects, date field: validation is incorrect if set a value via API.


  • Dashboard:
    • New
      • Ability to upgrade plan in Dashboard (see new page
      • Pop-up with main app selection – ability to choose one main application in admin panel, so all global users that are shared between all apps will be assigned only to single app.
    • Fixed
      • In some cases, it wasn’t possible to login via GitHub.
      • Custom Objects, location field: name of the field was wrong.
      • Push Notifications, GCM: wrong delivery statistics.
      • User profile page is too slow in some cases.

Server Changelog Jun 30 2016 

Need help? – get in touch with our support team and post a quickblox tagged question on StackOverflow or create a ticket in our helpdesk.

Igor Khomenko

Q-municate Web 1.5 release

Posted by Igor Khomenko on June 30, 2016

Hi everybody,

We are happy to inform that today we have finished current sprint and released new version of the Web Q-Municate – 1.5.0.

What’s new:

  • Sign in/Sign Up by phone number (twitter digits)
  • User Settings
  • Login Screen – New design
  • Update Facebook SDK version up to 2.6.
  • Stability improvements

Check new version here

Source code


Anton Dyachenko

Maintenance on Shared instance on June 29th

Posted by Anton Dyachenko on June 24, 2016

Please be notified, that Technical Operations team scheduled QuickBlox application release

on June 29th (Wednesday), 2016 on Shared instance (

The maintenance is planned for 15:00-16:00 (GMT +1).


Server side changes :

As we announced before – we plan to upgrade our application to new architecture by September 2016.

Current deployment includes UI changes and server side script, that is a part of further improvements.


This architecture upgrade doesn’t require any changes in client side application, as we just need to change the way QuickBlox works with application users.

In new architecture of QB application one user will be able to login to only *one* application under his credentials.

Currently there are users, who can login to any application in your account with the same credentials. To be more accurate this functionality was blocked more than 6 months ago, but some of Shared instance accounts still use it. That’s our old solution and we face a lot of performance issues with this approach. With new architecture release QB team will have more opportunities to implement performance improvements and as a result provide you with better service.

Account owners who have users shared between applications, will get detailed instructions about needed changes via admin panel and email.

Please follow QuickBlox blog for additional details.


During maintenance you may notice short interruptions.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.


Igor Khomenko

Fresh iOS updates: Q-municate 2.0, SDK 2.7.3 and components

Posted by Igor Khomenko on June 8, 2016

A lot of fresh iOS updates come today:

Q-municate 2.0

Q-municate chat dialogs screen  Q-municate chat screen

New version of our super cool open source messenger platform Q-municate:

What’s new:
– Completely new design. We completely updated UI of the app, it’s easier in use now, sexy, better UX.
– Connect via Phone number. Now you can use your phone number to connect in app.
– Latest Quickblox iOS SDK 2.7.3 (see below)

App Store link:

Src code link:


iOS SDK 2.7.3

What’s new:

  • new Chat feature – XMPP Ping.
  • Chat module in-depth optimization, performance updates.
  • Unification of QBChatDialog callback blocks.
  • IPv6 networks support
  • Chat code samples code cleanup, stability improvements

More detailed changelog:

Download new iOS SDK:


QMChatViewController 0.3.8, QMServices 0.4.2

These two iOS components also were updated. Thier mission is to speed up development of iOS chat applications.

More detailed changelog:

Download new components:


Stay with QuickBlox to receive more cool updates soon!