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Taras Filatov

Not just a product, but also a skill wanted

Posted by Taras Filatov on February 23, 2015

An interesting fact is that since 2012 the knowledge of QuickBlox is a demanded skill in Elance and Odesk job posts. Below is a screenshot from our marketing analytics back in 2012. Since then the demand has been growing.

elance quickblox chat platform skill required


Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 13.53.29

Contractors’ employers from small start-ups to large enterprise recognise QuickBlox is the most ultimate all-round mobile messaging solution in the market.




Alex Bass

Video Calling updates

Posted by Alex Bass on February 20, 2015


We have been busy beavers these past few months. We receive a lot of interest in our video calling product, now built around WebRTC, and we have some exciting updates that we’re pleased to present to you.

Javascript WebRTC SDK

Our WebRTC SDK for Javascript was finalised last week and is available on our documentation. The SDK allows you to add video calling to any webapp using the WebRTC API. It makes use of Quickblox signalling, and is even cross platform with iOS and Android.


The iOS WebRTC SDK was finalised a couple of days ago by our development team. Not only is this is a fully working video calling sample with WebRTC – it also has group calling! Using this code sample as a base will make it much easier to implement video calling in your iOS app.

Web — iOS video calling

There’s a reason we’re using WebRTC! It allows cross platform calling with the same API. With this in mind, we have created some cross platform samples between the Web and iOS. Here’s the Web Video Calling demo, and here’s the iOS Video Calling sample. To use it, login as different users on different devices and call the other user – we hope you’ll be pleased with the quality!

Android WebRTC SDK

Ok… this is coming soon. We’re working on it right now, but it will just as awesome as the ones above.


With the stability we’ve seen with these samples, we think you should be able to comfortably implement these into your apps and have a solution you can rely on. The quality was really impressive in our testing.

If you’ve made something great and want us to feature it on our Apps page or anywhere else, please do let us know. Furthermore, if you require assistance with development – get in touch with our support team via the ticketing system, or post a quickblox tagged question on StackOverflow. Happy Building!

Alex Bass

Quickblox WebRTC SDK released

Posted by Alex Bass on February 2, 2015

Today, our super talented Andrey Povelichenko finalised Quickblox’s official Javascript WebRTC SDK. You can now add high quality video and audio calling, using the native WebRTC API, to any webapp, using the same familiar Quickblox Javascript SDK.

What this means is that any user with a webcam or microphone (basically everyone) and a modern browser can initiate a video or audio call with a few clicks – no downloads, no plugins, and no flash! And it’s as simple as QB.webrtc.call . If you’re unfamiliar with WebRTC, you should check out the Google I/O presentation – it’s a very cool technology with a lot of potential. If you are familiar however, you’ll know that a bunch of servers and a pile of filler code is required to get something decent working. Well, as a communication as a service provider, Quickblox already has you covered.

Our WebRTC SDK fits right in with the Javascript SDK – so there’s no new syntax to learn. There are a few buzzwords such as “getUserMedia”, and you’re going to become pretty good friends with the HTML5 <video> element – but after that, the learning curve is small.

You can check out the full WebRTC SDK documentation here, and we invite you to create something awesome!

For any support queries, please create a ticket in our helpdesk.

Igor Khomenko

Android SDK 2.1

Posted by Igor Khomenko on January 19, 2015

After almost 3 months, the QuickBlox team is ready to release the next update of Android SDK: 2.1.

This is kind of polishing of the 2.x family which contains a bunch of new features and some stability fixes.

What’s new:


  • Added QBParticipantListener that will be notified of any new Presence packets sent to the group chat.
  • Added QBMessageListenerImpl – an implementation of QBMessageListener.
  • API to remove multiple chat messages in a single query
  • API to create a chat message via REST
  • New filters in QBRequestGetBuilder: outputInclude, outputExclude, near
  • Added a method getRecipientId to QBDialog class.
  • Added a method getSession to QBAuth to get an info about current session.
  • New filters in QBRequestUpdateBuilder: addToSet, updateArrayValue.
  • Added put<type> methods to QBCustomObject class.
  • Added a method setId to QBChatMessage to set the custom Id.
  • Upload/Download files progress callbacks for Content and CustomObjects modules.
  • API to create the geodata with the location-push
  • Updated core of the XMPP library
  • Removed classes QBMessage and QBChatHistoryMessage. Now QBChatMessage must be used anywhere.


  • Doesn’t add extraParams to the chat message if there are no any extra parameters or attachments added to chat message.
  • deleteDialog method in the QBGroupChatManager and QBPrivateChatManager classes are marked as none static.
  • Issue with chat logout where it wasn’t possible to login with another user without doing QBChatService.getInstance().destroy();

Feel free to download the Android SDK 2.1 here.

Don’t be shy and go build something awesome with QuickBlox Android SDK!

Igor Khomenko

QuickBlox releases Android SDK 2.0 with updated Chat API, generics and synchronous requests

Posted by Igor Khomenko on November 11, 2014

QuickBlox releases Android SDK 2.0 with updated Chat API, generics and synchronous requests!
We completely reviewed Chat module and made it easier to use and also add a huge amount of new features.

It’s the biggest Android release ever we did.

What’s new:

  • Updated Chat API with ‘user is typing’, ‘message read’, ‘message delivered’ statuses tracking, message carbons and more :)
  • New generic callbacks, Result entity is deprecated
  • Synchronous requests

We prepared the transition guide from 1.2 to 2.0, so feel free to use it and migrate to the new API

Also we updated all code samples , so you can easily start working with new features

QuickBlox to power your apps! Cheers!