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Igor Khomenko

RUST programming language

Posted by Igor Khomenko on October 22, 2014

Earlier our team found the new programming language called Rust.

Rust is a general purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language developed by Mozilla Research. It is designed to be a “safe, concurrent, practical language”, supporting pure-functional, concurrent-actor, imperative-procedural, and object-oriented styles.

With Rust, D, Go, Nimrod it comes the new programming languages generation and it’s a time to start learning all this stuff!

We decided to start with Rust and write a simple Rust chat boot.
We started a new project https://github.com/QuickBlox/sample-chatbot-rust. This is an early version of a QuickBlox Chat bot written in Rust. For now this bot does nothing, it only connects to the QuickBlox Chat. More functionality will be available eventually, but may take time because there are no any ready-to-go Rust XMPP libraries.

Feel free to start integrating QuickBlox and Rust. Cheers!

Igor Khomenko

REST API updates

Posted by Igor Khomenko on September 18, 2014

Hey guys,

today we released some REST API updates, especially for Chat:

Everyday we process feedback from our clients and release new features.
With you QuickBlox becomes better and better!



Taras Filatov

Live API status / chat server health checker (also Node.js code sample for QuickBlox)

Posted by Taras Filatov on September 10, 2014

So Alex has just finished the 2nd version of this super cool tool which we call live status page or status checker:

node js chat server api status checker

This can be used for external monitoring of QuickBlox server or your own QuickBlox instance in case you have an enterprise dedicated server of QuickBlox running.

It supports:

  • Online / offline API check
  • API response latency check
  • All modules and all main API calls supported (Users, Chat, Location, Content, Custom Objects, Messages)
  • Historical data – last 24h diagram
  • Historical data – any date – click top right to open calendar
  • Easy to add new checkers for multiple instances – simply add to config file

Also this is a great code sample for those who want to use QuickBlox on Node.JS.

Source code available on GitHub:


Live demo:


Andrey Povelichenko

JavaScript SDK 1.3.0

Posted by Andrey Povelichenko on September 3, 2014

Hey guys!

QuickBlox team has released an update of JS SDK.

Starting from version 1.3.0 JS SDK supports Chat 2.0 API which provides a more convenient way to design your own chat application. Also been completely revised the logic of Chat plugin, improved the functionality, fixed bugs. Subsequently, it has been integrated into a separate independent module SDK.

Now, to include chat communication in your application, you do not need to connect additional libraries or plug-ins. Everything is already there in SDK.

You can found new changes here:

Chat 2.0 API instead the chat plugin

Note! The old version of API (chat plugin) is deprecated and will be removed in JS SDK v1.5.0.