After Seedcamp: still on crack :)

adminJanuary 27, 2011

So. Seedcamp has been extremely successful for Mob1serv.

Short summary:


  • Finally have found a great idea for our logo and designed it
  • Finalized a demo app
  • Filmed a demo video
  • Created a 5-minute (sic!) presentation explaining what our product is


  • 23+ business cards and other contacts
  • half moleskin filled with notes
  • few meetings agreed for next week
  • linkedin and inbox full with follow ups (including from VCs!)

Apart from that, for me and for our Mob1serv team it was a vast experience, probably 1 year’s progress jump achieved in half week, a number of potential customers and partnerships and, most importantly, meeting so many extraordinary people I’d like to be friends with and build new great things with them in nearest future.

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Here and right now, wish to express deep gratitude to Seedcamp team: Saul Klein, Reshma Sohoni, Philipp, Carlos, Jacob and others!

I and the rest of Mob1serv team wish these guys best of luck in their endeavors and want to tell them: please continue to make Seedcamp happen, do more of Seedcamps and such things, this is a really great and right thing you are doing!

Was really excited to meet so many great people both among Mentors and Teams and also to make contacts with them. We have already agreed to discuss the possibility of cooperation with amazing people from Appshed and Frooly and looking forward to connect with others. The advice received during mentoring sessions is priceless and will take some time to consume. An opportunity to be able to sit and talk to such people was just amazing as usually it is virtually impossible to get hold of them as they receive hundreds of calls and e-mails every day while at Seedcamp it was a really friendly, helpful and encouraging atmosphere around our discussions. Thank you all for your time!

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Also — incredible — we are receiving linkedin messages and e-mails from potential investors who already find it amazing what we do! Sure, as a team, we know how great our product is and what are the opportunities. But it’s the events such as Seedcamp which really show you what reality is, how crap you were in getting your message through and explaining what your product is about. It is a real art of being able to explain what your product is about and why you have the best team to conquer the market. And to prove that market exists / grows tremendously. And do it all in few seconds before the person in front of you slips into unconsciousness. Impossible, I know, it’s like zen. But I’m much better in that now. And still, big kudos to people who managed to see future behind my form submitted to Seedcamp and behind my 5 minute presentation on Tuesday. You are geniuses!

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Now we have a lot of things to do, starting with a re-branding perhaps, re-shaping our tactics and strategy for 2011 taking into account all the golden pieces of knowledge we’ve received. And to work, work, work a lot and never ever ever ever ever ever ever give up :) . But that all seems manageable thanks to Seedcamp, two days after event I still feel like on crack and being able to move mountains. (Don’t take this literally, I have never tried crack or moved a mountain before ))

Thank you Seedcamp, it’s been an honour to be one of just 20 chosen from all over the world and now, post factum, I can confidently declare — it’s the best thing that could have happened to us. Cheers to Seedcamp community, live long and prosper!

Taras Filatov (@tarasfilatov) and Mob1serv (@mob1serv) team.

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